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This is a wiki dedicated to a manga and anime series that began as ドミニオン (Dominion). See Wikipedia:Dominion: Tank Police.

It is intended to document:

  1. the 2 volumes of the 1985 manga
  2. the 4 Dominion Tank Police OVAs from 1988-89
  3. the 6 New Dominion Tank Police from 1993-1994
  4. the 1995 manga Dominion Conflict One: No More Noise
  5. the 2005 OVA TANK S.W.A.T. 01.


Dominion.wikia was taken, it is about an RPG, and tank.wikia was taken for tank enthusiasts, so the longer URL was chosen. This is more descriptive as in some cases 'Dominion' is used without tank, and sometimes 'Tank' is used without dominion. But one of the two titles is present in all media incarnations.

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